Destination Wedding Information + Steps

If you have a destination wedding, but still would love to preserve and create a custom piece from your flowers, we have provided some information on how you can get your flowers to us! 

You will need to work closely with your planner as well as your venue to make sure the proper steps are taken to get your flowers to us as fresh and intact as possible! 

Once you purchase your botanical, we will send you a packet of goodies for your flowers! Please be careful to follow each step closely! We want your flowers to look as beautiful as can be! 

Step 1: Items you will need

Items YOU WILL NEED to purchase or have with you:

1. Cardboard Box large enough for your flowers

2. Arrive Alive by Chrysal floral hydration wrap

2. Packing Material (preferably giftbox tissue or packing peanuts)

3. Packing Tape

4. Frozen Coolant Block, Collant Bag, or Frozen Water Bottles

Step 2: Packaging Instructions

1. Tape your coolant blocks to the bottom of your box!

2. Add a layer of your packing material to the box on top of your coolant blocks! 

3. Wrap your bouquet in the Arrive Alive floral hydration wrap!

4. Place flowers in the box on top of packing material!

5. Fill the box with additional packing material so your flowers are supported and secured!

6. Place your customer information card on top 

7. Write FRAGILE and THIS SIDE UP on the outside of the box!

8. Send it our way! Ship overnight to us! 


6414 Walnut Hill Lane

Dallas, Texas 75230