Victoria Nugent

Founder at Vique Botanical Boutique


I'm Victoria. I founded Vique Botanical Boutique because I wanted to capture meaningful memories and create something beautiful that reflects the essence of them.


I eternalize memories with the preservation of florals. I transform petals and stems from life's precious moments and create artwork from them. Whether it be your wedding day, a baby shower, or the remembrance of a loved one, so many prominent memories involve mother natures beauty. I take these florals preserve them and create pieces that are meant to be showcased as decor in your home! 

My art Installations include materials such as natural quarts crystals, desert rose selenite, preserved moss and so many more beautiful things that come from Mother Earth. The different textures, colors and materials allow for total uniqueness in every piece. 

Combining the elegance of nature with your fond memories is how I strive to create beauty!