The Process


Click our " Start Designing" tab and custom create your piece the way you want! 

Decide between Sculpture or Centerpiece or Acrylic Riser Collection!

Choose your base!

. Then customize your piece with Add On's!


Share What color moss and florals you would like to see if your custom piece!

We want your botanical to be exactly what you envision! if you have anything you ould like us  to know there is a text box for you to share details!


Once we have your customized design, and your magical day has passed, we get to bring your vision to life! 


You have 48 hours to get your bridal bouquet and other floral arrangements to our designers. The sooner we receive them, the better we are able to preserve them!


Once our designers receive your florals, we begin our preservation process. We utilize a desiccant drying method to maintain the color and structure as much as possible. We may use dying methods and floral spray paints to brighten the color of the flower. This process can take anywhere from five days to three weeks. 



Once your florals have completely dried, we use a floral preservation spray to maintain the structure, and color, as well as protect the dried florals from dirt, and UV damage.  


Finally, we bring your vision to life! Our designers will create your custom piece! From start to finish your botanical creation takes 6-8 weeks and is hand delivered to you to enjoy as a reminder of that special day.


Things to know:

1. Our botanical pieces are created with ease in mind, but they are fragile and must be moved with caution. They are hand-delivered upon completion

2. We ask you to have a 6-8 week time period in mind from start to finish.

3. Floral preservation is never perfect. As hard as we try to defy it, mother nature always wins. The color of the flowers may deepen and fade with time.


Contact Our Designers

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