Vique Botanical Boutique

Botanical Preservation

What we do:

We eternalize memories with the preservation of florals by transforming petals and stems, which represent life's precious moments, and create artwork from them. 

Combining the elegance of nature with fond memories is how we strive to create beauty.

Why we do it:

We strive to bring joy in reminiscing and physical beauty to intangible memories

Whether it be a dining room centerpiece, living room accent, or entryway statement piece, we utilize the flowers from your special day to create a piece of art that is unique to you.

In addition to your preserved florals, we incorporate Preserved Moss, Quartz Crystal Points along with the option to add Natural Stone Geodes, Druzy Gem Clusters, Desert Rose, Wood Accents, Feathers, Selenite, and more! 

How we do it:

Utilizing a combination of preservation methods, we preserve your florals over the course of 7 days up to two weeks.

Once preserved we utilize a variety of preservation sprays to prevent tearing or shattering and colors to brighten your florals. With various layers of preservative sprays, this process can take up to a week! 

Once your flowers are prepped our designers transform them into a sculpture or centerpiece that reflects the essence of your special day!  The creation of your piece can take 20+ hours to complete! 

Our Inspiration:

Created to remember those life-changing moments

Our Inspiration for Vique Botanical Boutique comes from Miss Texas USA 2013, Ali Nugent. Ali is the older sister of Owner + Designer, Victoria Nugent. In 2013, Ali competed and won the Miss Texas USA pageant and went on to place fourth runner up at Miss USA. Both moments were life changing and incredibly memorable, fo her! So We took both bouquets from her special moments,preserved them, and created a botanical piece.


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